The Zayth system is known, barely, through rumours circled by pirates and investigations of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Circles a binary star.

Unknown Gas Giant

Class: Gas Giant

Three moons. Located in the outer reaches of the system. Little else is known.


Class: War World
Geography: Unknown
Flora/Fauna: Unknown

Information on this world is scattered; while some of it is in the data sent with by the Mechanicum when they met Barrow, the location was unknown until further star charts were found.

The information suggests that records of a world named ‘Zayth’ date back to the Age of Rebirth, and even then it was a world to be ‘reclaimed’; small samples of later stories by pirates and Rogue Traders, from the Mechanicum’s sources, only speak of a world constantly at war in giant ’landships, and (heavily guarded) archeotech.

Barrow’s crew confirmed the information and found a world blasted by nuclear war, with a lack of surface water and deadly radiation storms in addition the horrors of the constant fighting. An Adeptus Mechanicus vessel was found on planet, despite the Machine Cult logs claiming that the system had been lost to them.

The location of one of the crystals for the Star Map. Recovered.

The location of a crashed Mechanicus shuttle, harboring a Crystal Data Arc.

The location of The Indestructible.

Unknown Planet

Class: Unknown
Located in the primary biosphere. No directed augers have been undertaken.


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