A small, tight system, like many in Tau space.

Sabrine Prime

(Translating the Tau system naming scheme, Sabrine Alpha)

Class: Gas Giant
Geography: Unknown.
Flora/Fauna: Unknown.

Sabrine Prime’s Moon

Class: Death World
Geography: Moon’s surface is covered with impact craters—the planet is near a large asteroid belt. The vast majority of these craters are vast flooded, overgrown pools and swamps covering the majority of the world’s surface. Only the rims of the ancient craters stand above of the swamps, forming dry refuges.
Flora/Fauna: Source of unnamed parasite that takes over creatures’ nervous systems. Otherwise, unknown- Genetors under Draklinus’ command theorise that each crater is its own microclimate, however, and perhaps the moon is teeming with rare lifeforms.

Former resting site of the Tau-owned Mass Conveyor The Shining Abbey of Thor’s Light/Viel’Nau Aren’shia.

Sabrine Secundus

(Translating the Tau naming scheme, Sabrine Beta)

Class: Dead World
Geography: A large, high gravity world with high gravity. Covered in red dust. Small Tau facility and Eldar ruins.
Flora/Fauna: There are also sign of former(?) Eldar habitation. Unknown parasite present in the facility.


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