Processional of the Damned

The Processional is a system whispered about wherever traders, pirates and other ne’er-do-wells meet to talk over their ill-gotten treasure; a ship graveyard, the ship graveyard, where all hulks eventually go to rest, orbiting a black star along with its corpse-planets.

Appears to be a prison for the ‘Hollow Men’, strange and deadly xenos machines.

An Eldar portal leads to the Processional, found alone, and deep in the Damocles Nebula. Big enough for a battlecruiser, the portal transports those passing through it instantly without inflicting the horrors of the warp.

The Fragmented Cloud

The outer edges of the Processional are known as the Fragmented Cloud, a region of smaller, broken vessels and twisted remains. There is little salvage to be had this far out, though it does make a good base from which to venture deeper into the system. It is also the haunt of the Carrion, marooned descendants of the Spring Breeze’s crew.


Class: Dead World
The first of the three worlds trapped in the endless dance of the Processional, Blight is a
dead and desiccated place. Hollowed out from within, like an apple devoured by worms, Blight is a honeycomb of ship-sized tunnels and crevasses, some clogged with the remains of vessels drawn in by its weak gravity. Scavengers explore Blight for vessels that have drifted out of the Sea of Space Hulks, though even they remain wary this close to the edge, as the Hollow Men are also known to scavenge the dead world.

Outer Sea of Space Hulks

The bulk of the Processional is known as the Sea of Space Hulks, a region of space thick with the ruined remains of vessels of every manufacture, race or function drawn from across the Expanse and even out of the greedy clutches of the warp. Such is the scale of the Sea that to look upon it is enough to drive most explorers to despair as the endless tumbling shapes and broken debris fill their vision and choke their ship’s sensors. It would be possible to spend a hundred lifetimes exploring the Sea and scavenge only a handful of its vessels.


Class: Tomb World

Deep within the Seas of Space Hulks lurks the blasted world known as Decay. Smaller than

Blight, it is more a moon than true world, hidden against the deeper darkness of the void by its stygian surface. It is only detectable by the weak light of the turbulent star or its faint gravity shadow. The Carrion tell any visitors to the Processional that Decay is home to the Hollow Men and best avoided.

Inner Sea of Space Hulks

The further one presses through the Sea of Space Hulks, the more apparent the effects of the
turbulent star become and the more decayed and desiccated the space hulks appear. Few travellers venture this far, though stories persist of unique vessels and fabled treasure ships hidden
within the inner rings of the Sea. However, accurate reports of this region are hard to come by and none of the crew you have rescued have pressed far into it.


Class: Dead World

There is a third and last world in the grip of the turbulent star, known only as Oblivion. Visible from the edges of the system only with powerful sensors and auspexes, practically nothing is known about Oblivion except that it is larger than both Blight and Decay and apparently has a dark, murky atmosphere. What lurks beneath its boiling grey

clouds, however, remains a mystery.

Beyond Oblivion, the Sea thins out to almost nothing and the thick fields of wrecks and debris give way to scattered space hulks and blasted broken fragments. Rumours, mostly propagated by the denizens of the Processional, say that it is here that the greatest vessels are eventually drawn, close to the baleful light of the turbulent star. Such rumours are practically impossible to confirm or refute as no living soul has ever ventured into the Deeps and returned- at least, until the Harbinger Sojourn’s desperate ploy to destroy the Hollow Men’s ship…

The Turbulent Star

In the centre of the system hangs the Turbulent Star, known also as the Reaper’s Eye, the Black Heart or the Hole in the Void. Barrow’s crew are the first known to reach close enough to see anything other then its dark aura, but more important matters were on there minds. It was obvious to all that the ‘star’ was no natural celestial object, but perhaps that is a mystery that should stay unearthed.

Processional of the Damned

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