Class: Feudal World
Geography: The surface of Dross is arid with very little in the way of plant life. There are seas, but these are shallow and poisoned, and the only life they support is equally poisonous. The most striking features of Dross’s surface are its huge rock stacks, formed from volcanic material through some unknown process of erosion. Millions of these formations cover the world’s entire surface, and many are several kilometres high. However, to see these you must first past Dross’ greatest defense- planet-wide storms, extending kilometres into nearby space.
Flora/Fauna: Auto-cthonic lifeforms live and thrive in the blasted landscape, as well as human tribesman dwelling in the most defensible rock stack they can capture. Carving their homes into rock fortresses, the tribes wage war over the fallen spacecraft which they revere.

That a place twice-guarded by being so far from the Astronomicon’s light and storms impenetrable by ship-born augers is known at all is thanks to one man. Lord-Captain Abel Bastille, descendant of the very Rogue Trader who now plies the Damocles Corridor, managed to find and brave the storms of Dross to return with reports of the planet’s surface.

It is almost impossible to pilot through the storm-barrier, and Abel reported many crashed ships on the surface- all worshiped by the tribes who live on Dross. The Rogue Trader befriended one of the tribes, passing many trials including drinking a foul alcoholic beverage that he likened to Dusk lotus. They believed, according to his journals, that each crashed shuttle is a gift from the ‘Sky Father’, keeping scraps from the vessels as holy relics. Abel reported Ork, Eldar and more enigmatic tech, that he cheerfully admitted stealing and selling back at Terminus Est for a small fortune.

Abel Bastille died soon after, along with most of his heirs in a freak Vortex torpedo accident; Bastille the VIIth succeeded him. No-one else has ever reportedly managed to brave the storms and the dark void, though many have tried.

Believed to be the location of a crystal for the Eldar Star Map.


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