Xenos Weapons


Name Class Range ROF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Rarity
Plasma Rifle Basic 90m S/2/– 2d10+9 E 10 Arm Weapon Mounting, Tearing Near Unique
Missile Pod Basic 90m S/2/– 3d10+8 X 6 Arm Weapon Mounting Near Unique
Burst Cannon Basic 60m –/–/10 2d10+2 E 4 Arm Weapon Mounting Near Unique
Pulse Rifle Basic 150m S/3/4 2d10+3 E 4 36 Half Gyro-stabilised Extremely Rare
Pulse Carbine Basic 60m S/–/3 2d10+2 E 4 24 Full Devastating (1), Gyrostabilised Extremely Rare
Pulse Pistol Pistol 40m S/2/– 2d10+2 4 16 Half Very Rare
Kroot Hunting Rifle Basic 150m S/-/- 1d10+5 E 3 8 Full Accurate, Felling (4)

Weapons may be more common on human worlds in the Tau Empire.



The Kroot sometimes modify their Hunting Rifles with an energy pack not unlike the Las Overcharge Pack. It is unable to be used on ‘true’ Tau weapons; only the more loose construction of the Kroot weapon allows their use.

The modification adds +1 Damage, but halves Clip Size.

RARE (SCARCE on Kroot Worlds)

Dark Eldar

Name Class Range ROF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Rarity
Blast Pistol Pistol 20m S/–/– 2d10+5X 16 6 3 Full Felling (1), Proven (2) Rare
Blaster Basic 60m S/–/– 2d10+10X 16 18 3 Full Felling (1), Proven (3) Rare
Wych Knife Melee - 1d10R 3 - Razor-Sharp Scarce

Wychknife: A character not proficient in the use of a wych knife counts the weapon as a mono-knife in all respects (see page 131 of the ROGUETRADERCore Rulebook for Primitive Melee Weapons), rather than using the listed profile, but suffers no penalties for using it this way so long as he has the Melee Weapons Training (Primitive) Talent

Xenos Weapons

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