Weapon Changes

Name Class Range ROF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Rarity
Fractal Blade Melee 1d10+1 R 7 Power Field, Balanced, Razor Sharp
Ghost Sword Melee 1d10+3 E 6 Power Field, Balanced, Felling (4)
Eviscerator Melee 2d10 R 9 Razor Sharp, Tearing, Unwieldy
Long Las Basic 150m S/-/- 1d10+3 E 1 40 Full Accurate, Reliable, Felling (4)
Heavy Bolter Heavy 150m //6 1d10+8 X 5 60 Full Tearing
Needle Rifle Basic 180m S/-/- 1d10 R 0 6 2 Full Accurate, Toxic (5), Felling (1)
Kroot Hunting Rifle Basic 150m S/-/- 1d10+5 E 3 8 Full Accurate, Felling (4)
Angelus Basic 100m S/-/- 2d10 X 5 3 3 Full Accurate, Tearing
Serpentine Melee 1d10+2 E 6 Fast, Power Field Very Rare
Stripped-Down Conversion Beamer Pistol 50m S/-/- 1d10+2 E 2 8 2 Full Special
Power Stake Melee - - 1d10+7 E 5 - - Power Field, Unbalanced, Sanctified, +1d10 v psykers, +2d10 v daemons Near Unique

A creature with this trait is poisonous Some weapons rely
on toxins and poisons to do their damage. Anyone that
successfully deals damage to a Toxic creature must make a
Toughness Test with a penalty equal to 10 times the number
in parenthesis (X) or suffer 1d10 points of Damage (of the
same type as the weapon which infl icted the hit) not reduced
by armour or Toughness. For example a creature with Toxic
(4) would impose a –40 on Toughness Tests. Some creatures
may carry additional effects with their toxins or infl ict more
Damage as indicated in their individual descriptions.


At between 10-30 metres range, the weapon deals 1d10+7 E damage with a Pen 4; at 30-50 metres range, the weapon deals 2d10+7 E damage with a Pen of 6 and Felling 2; at longer ranges the weapon deals 3d10+7 E damage with a Pen of 10, Felling 4 and Blast 2.

Weapon Upgrades


The Kroot sometimes modify their Hunting Rifles with an energy pack not unlike the Las Overcharge Pack. It is unable to be used on ‘true’ Tau weapons; only the more loose construction of the Kroot weapon allows their use.

The modification adds +1 Damage, but halves Clip Size.

RARE (SCARCE on Kroot Worlds)

Unusual Ammunition


Effects:These shells do damage equal to the weapon’s regular damage. If the target takes Damage from this shell, after reduction for Armour and Toughness Bonus, he must make a Toughness Test with a –10 penalty. Success means the shell has either failed or is not powerful enough to cause further injury. Failure deals an immediate 2d5 points of Rending Damage to the victim with no reduction from Armour or Toughness Bonus.
Used With:Hand cannons, heavy stubbers, and any Bolt

Armour Upgrades

Ablative Armour (Very Rare)

Cybernetic Upgrades

Landrian Revealer (Extremely Rare)

Weapon Changes

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