The waning yellow sun of the Teslan system shines on three planets, blasted dead heaps devoured by the mines of the Adeptus Mechanicum. Only on the second is there any semblance of life, cold and mechanical as fitting a Forge World of the Imperium, scarcely different from the space stations and Explorator Fleets littering the system. But despite all this the system is a favoured docking point for merchants, representatives of a hundred Imperial Factions and especially Rogue Traders; as Teslan is the gate into the Damocles Corridor, for both good and ill.

Teslan II

Class: Forge World

Geography: Millennia of factory work has turned the bottom of Teslan into a death-zone of mutants and poison gases; the work is now carried out inside a web-like lattice of tunnels deep within the planet’s crust.

Teslan is a hot planet and the closer to the core, the worst the heat gets; the drudge workers live nearest to the bottom with the Mechanicum leaders and visiting functionaries living very near the surface, save from mutant attacks by rigidly trained Skiitari warriors.

Flora/Fauna: N/A

Teslan has seen better days, in the Mechanicum’s view- the lost station and planets in the Corridor lead to production being quartered from the glory days in Thor’s time. Now the stations above Teslan are worth almost as much as the planet, where traders and smugglers meet to haggle over artefacts from Terminus Est and Damocles. The reason the Machine Cult allows this can only be speculated.


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