Sebastian's Eye

A system with multiple worlds, the red dwarf sun is dying a slow, lingering death and only the closest are inhabited. The rest are icy rocks, tomb worlds were the dead of Sebastian’s Eye are sent to be buried in something approaching terra firma.

Sebastian’s Eye

Class: Shrine World

Geography: A desert world with obsidian glass sand and punishing heat, there is nevertheless a few oases around rivers running through the bigger of the two continents of Sebastian’s Eye. The planet is constantly wracked by sudden tornadoes that destroy small settlements in a blink of an eye. To the people who dwell in Mount Purity, the greatest settlement on planet built into the eye of a permanent example of these destructive phenomenae, it is clear that those who died were lacking in faith.

Flora/Fauna: Grox are common, as well as small amphibians who thanks to the training of several members of the Ministorum (and the slaughter of the species incapable of such feats) now hum and sing the tunes of hymns to the Emperor.

Sebastian’s Judgement

Class: Penal World

Geography: A world filled with dead trees made of a stone-like material; remnants of Imperial society before the world was declared a penal zone include man-made valleys and ruined remnants of a hive city.

Flora/Fauna: Small populations of vermin; plants classified as ‘weeds’ on Sebastian’s Eye.

Formerly a functioning Hive World of the Imperium, due to reasons long lost in the Adminstratum’s records this planet was declared a penal world, and those guilty of crimes against the Ministorum (and who were not immediately killed on the spot) are now dumped on this barren world, an Arbites ship in orbit to make sure nothing gets off alive.

Sebastian's Eye

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