Rogue Traders

The Barrow dynasty is hardly the only one operating in this part of space; less than one in a billion wields the power of a Peer of the Imperium, but such is the number of souls in the Ultima Segmentum that dozens of Rogue Traders ply their trade in this side of space.

Living Rogue Traders

Lord-Admiral Bastille the VIIth
Lord-Confessor Odan Brace
Madame Charlabelle
Lady Sun Lee

Their Entourages

Brace: Trebolgia Navigator, Lord Kedan Brace
Charlabelle: Unknown Kindred

Their Ships

Bastille: The Colossus
Brace: The Nova Storm
Charlabelle: The Grace of Sopha
Lee: The Nihontu
Madrimar: Unknown

Deceased Traders

Lord-Captain Shek Lee
‘Lord-Captain’ Gaius Madrimar

Rogue Traders

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