Newly enveloped by the Imperium (and Ultramar) Genocide’s star system does not have a common name; the Adeptus Mechanicus refer to it as Epsilon-Iota. Nevertheless ’Genocide, while by no means famous, is far more known than the soulless designation of EI-1.

Four other planets exist in the system as well as a major asteroid field, but surveying was cut short by the attack on the Eastern Rim by Hive Fleet Behemoth.

Genocide (‘EI-1’)

Class: Death World

Geography: Nearing the rim of the system, atmospheric conditions has resulted in a band around the equator that reaches the temperatures of the ancient Terran kingdom of Jermanic. South and north of this band the ‘ocean’ is a frozen wasteland where nothing can live. Land in the temperate band is split up into a giant archipelago, no island bigger than the size of a large feudal city.

The entire planet, giant polar caps and all, is covered in a violent perpetual storm; while providing only a minor inconvenience to shuttles from the stars those on the surface usually must find shelter before banks of lightning obliterate them.

As for the land itself, the most common terrain are marshlands and forests, though several islands have over the years been blasted down into a plain by the terrifying weather.

Flora/Fauna: Nearly all the plants of Genocide are partially metal, a near-unique evolutionary trait that might have something to do with grounding the lightning. Only plants growing underground are safe to be entirely organic, and the non-toxic ones are craved by the human population.

There are many types of animals on Genocide, all of which are lethally toxic- the most sinister of which is the ‘Croaking Death’, hordes of lethal-on-contact frog-like creatures that sometimes come in from the sea and swarm across the islands. No creature is as deadly as the sea-dwelling ‘Krakens’, though- squid creatures the size of naval ships with tentacles reaches out of every part of the surface of its gigantic body save its eyes and giant maw.

Genocide has a native human population, hanging on the edge of survival. Their legends suggest they are post-Imperial Creed, but record keeping on Genocide is extremely scarce. Jevican Draklinus was one of them a very long time ago. While not officially claimed by the Ultramarines, they do use it as a training ground for neophytes. The Mechanicum has a space station in orbit, as ancient archeotech sometimes lands on the shores of the islands of the world.


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