Behemoth's Fall

The Behemoth system was named after an ancient legendary beast, thought to originate in the myths of old Macragge. The bitter irony that this should be one of the first systems to fall to Hive Fleet Behemoth is not lost on the Ultramarines.

As a legacy of ther visit, the system is dotted with gravity tides; dangerous, but they do speed up travel. It only takes a few days to traverse, almost as fast as the much denser Tau systems in the Damocles Gulf.

Behemoth’s star is a blinding white light in the dark; local superstition claims its light has been fading over the last century in mourning. Every few days it sheds boiling tears, solar flares that are devoured by the strange gravity that has haunted the system since its near-demise.

Behemoth’s Tails

Class: Massive Gas Giant

In the frigid depths of the system stands a colossus; no less than nine moons and two separate rings of dust surround a planet that could swallow Jupiter. No gravity well surrounded Behemoth’s Tails, for no well could outmatch the pull of the planet itself. The five smallest moons, the ‘Tails Minoris’ according to your information, have been bled dry of all commercial opportunities. The bigger moons do not fare too much better. Tails Primus-1 and 2 are, respectively, an icy death-ball and a temperate, pleasant world for xenos who can breathe poison. The Ultramarine forbid non-Astartes personnel from visiting those two for reasons the Mechanicum cannot fathom. Tails Primus-3 has no atmosphere and 4 is similar to 2, but have no official sanctions on travel should anyone wish to.

Behemoth’s Fall

Class: Death World (formerly Pleasure World)
Geography: One great unbroken surface surrounds the planet, and the xenos’ visit has made its surface that of a perfect sphere- flat.
Flora/Fauna: Many, once. No longer.

The site of one of the many grave losses the Astartes faced in the First Tyrannic War. The very atmosphere has become corrosive and thin since the Hive Fleet was driven back, and Ultramar has given up finding their old relics and lost battle brothers. This has not stopped nigh-heretical treasure hunters saying they’re heading to Behemoth’s fall to dig themselves up a bolter. None has yet reported success, as far as any of you know, perhaps due to the gravity tides surrounding the planet.

Content Not Found: baron-elbis_ claimed his dig site was ruined on this world. _Content Not Found: pson-67 also claims to have taken part in an archeological dig on-world along with Jevican Draklinus XIV.

Behemoth’s Eye

Class: Dead World

A tiny planet near the star almost totally unworthy of note, save for a bawdy joke that spread among the serf classes in the Ultima Segmentum thanks to ship crew on shore leave. Blue, no split landmasses, and no atmosphere.

Behemoth’s Maw

Class: Gas Giant

Behemoth’s Tail’s much smaller twin, guarding the star itself. Earlier records state it had a moon, though the Mechanicum’s more modern charts say otherwise. It has been exploited for a lot of its resources, but ships still use the dregs to refuel if they find themselves stuck in this Emperor-forsaken place.

Behemoth's Fall

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