Minor Crew Members

NPCs of the Sojourn


Abelia: Young teenage girl, black as night as common on Maloria. Captured by the Aun’O, where Harbinger rescued her. Was handed to the Inquisition.

Cook: The scarred chief chef of the officer’s- both their mess and Barrow’s personal chef.

Palor-The-Watchful: A sanctioned psyker, who deals with the more seedy side of life on the ship. Only known psyker on-board who is not part of Jerrick’s choir, though is known by them. Wheres the cloaks common below-decks, though of a slightly better quality.

Father Berian: head truth-speaker of the Imperial Creed onboard. Disapproves of nearly everything Barrow does. A grim elder man, chin always jutting out at some imagined betrayal of the God-Emperor, head completely hairless. The Captain-Confessor of the Throne of Glory.

Dun’Lia: Ship’s doctor. Bald, tattooed. Human, ’Gue’vesa’. Speaks broken Gothic, likely from one of the first seceded worlds.

Viel’Nau Ven’Ka: A wispy-thin xenos, wearing a strangely tiled toga and a ring-like straw hat, with a pony-tail. Does not wear shoes, preferring to go barehoof. A hairstylist, Air Caste, who is seriously regretting going on this little adventure. Regressing, but not particular fast.

Two Earth Caste Scientists: The ship picked up a female earth caste each from the planets in the Sabrine system. (Well, one planet and a moon). Both of them look pretty much identical to non-Tau eyes. Dropped off.

Nero-150: Tech-priest usually on bridge duty maintaining the servitors. Was a Heretek under Probe “Dragonus”’s control.


Minor Crew Members

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