Madame Charlabelle

Female Rogue Trader with a xenos weapon and involved heavily in the slave trade.


A blonde haired older woman wearing the blue jacket and trousers of a military general, and wielding a strange glove with an elongated nozzle on it. Hired a ‘hit’ on Madrimar in the middle of a slave market. Armelan is the name of her Dynasty.

Ship: The Grace of Sopha


“Oh, how unsurprising. The fourth potential agri-world we’ve discovered in this star-cluster. One wonders where these were during the food riots in our manufactorum colonies… Oh, everything’s going wonderfully. Why do you ask?”

Made a deal with Lady Sigyn to eliminate Gaius Madrimar in return for a starchart. Since then, however, the relationship has soured, with Charlabelle believing Barrow mined one of the exit points from Terminus Est, and murdered Tau and piled them up for fun.

Was next heard about second-hand from Bastille, who claimed she was in an alliance with the Ma’Kao dynasty. Next seen murdered, along with her ship and her mercenaries the Maknor Kindred, by the Forsaken.

Madame Charlabelle

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