Jerrick Kamris

An Astropath Transcendent


Jerrick has a tall, lean build, loosely fitted and richly embroidered dark red robes hanging off of his frame. His otherwise handsome face is marred by the two deep, black pits where his eyes would be, and further obscured by the dark, unkempt hair that hangs down to his shoulders.


“Hate when that happens,” Jerrick mutters, spitting up the last of the maggots.

Astropath Transcendent and survivor of the original crew of the Harbinger’s Sojourn. Grew up on a space hulk, despises Eldar. Despite this, an Eldar helped save his family and transfer them to the Sojourn.

Was part of a secret project called “Primaris Ploris”. The results of which were unclear, but Inquisitor Dracul and an unknown assassin were part of it, the latter of which is stalking the Astropath. Who turned out to be an Alpha psyker obssessed with Jerrick and three seconds away from total meltdown. So it goes.

Has a pet ‘cat’ named Hungry Strange.

Jerrick Kamris

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