Danielle "Harbinger" Seamus

'Murderer of Piety', Chief Friendship Officer


Neon green mohawk, bomber jacket, and a suicidal disrespect for authority.

She is a lithe young woman with hardened physical features and a length of sheer, naturally pale white hair. In her role as Master Helmsman she is typically attired in a traditional flight marshal’s uniform, less its usual ostentatious medals and regalia. When expecting heavy combat she favors her newly reacquired Sororitas Powered Armor, a form-fitting black and gold relic with a flowing crimson trail.


“As Chief Friendship Officer, until the Lord-Captain is retrieved I am hereby instituting a ‘No Downers’ policy shipwide concerning this endeavor.”

Not so secret Inquisitorial agent. Now definitely-not-secret full Inquisitor.

Chief Friendship Officer (or Master Helmsman, in a more ordinary crew) for Barrow. Was (once) a Sister of Battle. Somehow created a Daemon World by letting a little girl go.

Danielle "Harbinger" Seamus

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