In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium, there is only war.

Time: Sundays 3PM EST → ?
Place: #catmandu

Books Allowed

Rogue Trader, Into The Storm, (other books subject to GM approval, or constant Karma nagging about Dark Heresy stuff, you’d think his career was from those books)

House Rules

  • The Career Origin Paths row is a “free choice row”;
  • OW combat rules used; Talents, Equipment, Psyker Fettered/Unfettered/Pushing and Psychic Phenomena rules also updated to OW, save for DoS/DoF rules and the “Dark Summoning” Peril of the Warp. Careers, Ranks etc stay the same.
  • Exceptional Leader can be used outside combat. For Extended Actions, the beneficiary must be in sight of the Rogue Trader at all times. It does not apply to PF rolls.
  • Once a player makes an Acquisition Test in a session (successful or not), every subsequent test by that player has a cumulative –10 modifier. This refreshes if the player has left for a long time (GM’s discretion)
  • If a player ever fails an Acquisition Test by more than five degrees, and gets a result of 96-00, the player must roll on Table 9–41: Misfortunes to see if his reckless spending has permanently crippled his resources.
  • Peer adds +10 each to relevant acquisitions rolls for the character. Enemy is a -10.
  • Unnatural Characteristics x2 → +4, x3→ +8, etc via BC rules (whenever someone with an Unnatural Characteristic succeeds on a Test utilizing that Characteristic, they gain a number of bonus Degrees of Success equal to half of their Unnatural Characteristic).
  • Markov 1 Engines instead reduce warp time by 1d5 per week in Base Journey Time. Markov 2 Engines reduce by 1d5 per two weeks.
  • Dark Heresy characters start with a free characteristic upgrade in each stat, but start at rank 1

Comments file for a Rogue Trader pdf may be found here.

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