Warrant of Trade, Barrow

The Warrant of Trade of Lord-Captain Barrow, from what is gleaned from the words of the warrant itself, was granted in 133.M36 by the then-Fabricator General to explore and chart territories lost to the Mechanicum since the Horus Heresy.

The Clauses of the Warrant

III A) The delivery of slaves to a planetary governor (Fulfilled)
B) The delivery of a fruit called ‘apples’ to a Forge World (Fruit is apparently extinct)
C) The charting of unclaimed space for the Adeptus Mechanicus. Any claim by the Adeptus Mechanicus that this duty goes unfulfilled will lead to a third-party adjudicator assessing whether they holder of the Warrant has done his or her duty- in this case, an Adeptus Arbites court on the Shrine World of ’Sebastian’s Eye’.

On top of those, the usual clauses and methods for revocation apply:

  • Piracy against the Imperium; the penalty for a Rogue Trader proved to be a pirate is her death, the expunging of her family name from all records, and all living relatives to be burnt alive. Privateering against xenos and other traders, of course, is a perfectly honest profession.
  • Smuggling, especially Xenos artifacts in the so-called ‘Cold Trade’; could lead to prosecution by powerful members of the Adeptus Arbites; more local authorities rarely have the ability to chastise a Trader, let along bring her down.
  • Heresy; though Rogue Traders are given a wide latitude, possession of daemonic artifacts or other goods corrupted by the Ruinous Powers is a sure way to earn the lethal attentions of the Inquisition- a step too far for most barring, perhaps, the most Radical of Inquisitors.
  • Secession; Any sign of the Rogue Trader outright ruling a planet outside the Imperium leads to a similar response to that of piracy. Like piracy, though, the Imperium has to catch her first.

Warrant of Trade, Barrow

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