Terminus Est

Class: Space Station
Geography: N/A
Flora/Fauna: Mostly human, but species of all kind trade at Terminus.

A station in an asteroid belt around a dying sun; technically outside Imperium space, it’s a haven for pirates and traders that wish to trade goods between Emperor-fearing worlds and the outside reaches of space.

Terminus is ‘led’ by a Liege, Tanthus Moross, a fat man who has little interest in actual ruling. Due to ancient terms when the station was made, Rogue Traders have technical power over life and death in the station, though like all matters of the Imperium what is written and what is are rarely the same.

Numerous parties and factions exist on the station; the Witches, technical prisoners and renegade psykers are but one. Barrow and her crew met a man named Tocapa who represented cold traders, and the Obsidian Emporial runs the most elite and prestigious auctions.

Terminus Est

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