(Kroot name Piak/‘Bounty’)
Class: Death World

Geography: A mountainous world full of porous rock, cave systems working throughout all of it. Volcanic vents exist underground, heating the caves- which is good as the world above is too cold for even the Kroot to live in winter.

During the summer, the openings in the rock expand, bringing the pale light of Sigma’s distant sun to the interior of the crust; this is also the only time of the year rain clouds form, raining down to form acidic seas underground.

Flora/Fauna: Fungus are the most common plants, though some flowers exist that store energy during the long winters. Amphibious creatures that can tolerate the acid are common, as well as hive-based insectoid creatures with hundreds of legs, the size of a shuttle. The Kroot, and their derivatives, have also made a place for themselves.

Piak was given to many of the Kindreds in return for their sterling work in the defence of Tau space during the Damocles crusade; the only remnant of the Tau’s presence is a docking station in orbit, used by the Tau on their very infrequent visits to the system. The Kroot quickly adapted to the acid, the cold and the harsh creatures, and most Kindreds are adept at spitting strong acid or stealth. While the fauna have not yet been fully absorbed into the genes of the Xenos, the Kahnak kindred in particular has made sure not to rest on their evolutionary laurels, and has sent most of their fit warriors out to take the path of the mercenary.


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