Order of the Valorous Heart

The Order is based on Ophelia VII within the Convent Sanctorum, founded when the convent was split by Ecclesiarch Alexis XXII. Their original leader was Lucia, one of the Sisters who accompanied Alicia Dominica to the Golden Throne during the Age of Apostasy . Their colours are black armour, black cloaks with a white lining and white gloves. The only trace of red is on their Ecclesiarchal symbol. These colours are the original colors of the Convent Sanctorum, which the Order inherited after the Convent was split in two.

Lucia’s Tear: An azure sword, originally forged for Sebastian Thor as a gift from Mars on his new throne. Sebastian demurred, saying he was no warrior, and the weapons passed themselves down to the saviours of the Imperium, the former Daughters of the Emperor.

Lucia, the youngest, received a sword of adamantium, forged to look like a simple blade of iron save from a minute power-field embedded in the handle, making the weapon glow purple when activated by a simple thumb-switch. The Sister herself made no modifications, save for a tiny inscription on the blade itself in High Gothic: WE ARE ALL SINNERS.

According to legend Lucia only used the blade against heretics, believing xenos and daemon would befoul the blade and rob it of its purpose, laying low blasphemers and pagans in the Emperor’s name. To this day the Order of Valorous Heart only grants it use to those fighting secessionists and other scum, believing human blood (albeit humans barely deserving of such recognition) keeps the blade sharp and hungry. Millennia of wear has let to teeth-like grooves in the sword, from which blood drips long after the battle is over. The sisters believe them to be Lucia’s own tears, shed in both joy and sorrow; joy that enemies of the Imperium have been laid low, and sorrow that mere mortals could never do enough to repent for the most grievous sin, of not living up to the expectation of the God-Emperor of Mankind. The blood is bottled, and used as a holy relic by senior Sororitas when going into battle; as a gesture of good faith said relics are sometimes given to leaders of forces who fight alongside the Order and live up to their exacting standards. The last known occurrence was in M39, where Commissar Mugaden impressed them when he personally spent 15 exhausting hours executing Imperial Guard soldiers for witnessing heresy before shooting himself in the head for the same crime. The resulting servitor had the vial built into its chest, so it would always be close to the love of Saint Lucia and the God-Emperor.

The sword was last seen with a contingent of four Palatine-rank sisters from the Piety Convent accompanying an Inquisitor into the Damocles Gulf, investigating the ancient holdings of a Navigator house in early M41. It, and the sisters have not been seen since.

Cemeria: A dead moon granted to the order in M37, that has a tiny convent of Sisters (and a slightly larger contingent of serfs) living in a space station around it. The moon is used as a join monument and graveyard for the Sisters who died in the Ultima Segmentum and related Orders in the Hospitallers. While not even close to every sister’s corpse is interred on the world, every Sister lost in service at least has a grave as recognition of make the only worthwhile sacrifice the Order recognises. The moon and the world it orbits (believed to be under Mechanicum control before the shrinking of the Imperium) now exist outside the Imperium’s borders, which suits the Order fine- is it not better for these warriors to be amongst the enemies of the Imperium? Duty ending in death is for lesser servants of the Emperor, who do not realise every day is a day best spent in repentance.

Inside the moon of graves it is rumoured that ancient weapons are buried with some of the sisters, whose knowledge only lives on in the Canoness of the Piety convent and the Canoness Superior herself, to be returned to the hands of living Sisters only in times of great need. But it is only a rumour; any Sister caught spreading untruths is chastised severely.

Order of the Valorous Heart

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