House Sigyn

Even in its glory days, House Sigyn had something of a shady reputation. They had been
rumored to dabble in the cold trade, and were known to deal with xenos on an alarmingly regular
basis. Yet, they were never cast out for their borderline heretical activities, in no small part
because of a peculiar talent they possessed: they seemed to be able to read the “colors” of the
warp currents, allowing them to more easily navigate without the light of the Astronomican. It is
because of this that House Sigyn was often at the vanguard of exploration for the Imperium,
bringing ships through warp paths that would have been too treacherous to attempt otherwise.
That they were often forced to remain at the edges of the Imperium did not seem to bother them
much, as they were more fascinated with what laid beyond than what was already known.
However, their talents also caused them to run awry of a number of shady characters, not the
least of which was the infamous House Madrimar. The houses often competed in the cold trade,
and were known to maneuver against each other constantly over choice trade routes. However,
this rivalry was escalated once and for all when House Madrimar turned to Chaos, launching an
assault that killed all but a few of House Sigyn’s navigators as a sacrifice to their patron,
As far as most people can see, House Sigyn is effectively dead. Most of their members are
dead, their finances in ruins, their future all but assured. Yet, the few who remain have not given
up, and perhaps House Sigyn can rise again…
A member of House Sigyn begins play with all of the traits of a shrouded house. In addition, they
possess the following traits:

A Sordid Past: Their activities on the edge of space have left them interacting with strange folk. In olden times, they had many allies and enemies; now, the only foe left to care is House Madrimar. Gain the Enemy (House Madrimar) talent.

Lightless Ways: House Sigyn always seemed to have an intuitive knack for navigating the warp,
even without the light of the Astronomican. It is believed they once possessed the most
extensive libraries of warp paths outside of the Imperium, but those records were lost with the
fatal assault by House Madrimar. Still, that talent still exists in their genes, and may propel them to greatness once again… the penalty for navigating without the light of the Astronomican is -40 rather than -60 for members of House Sigyn.

Xenophilia: The friendly dealings House Sigyn had with xenos often alarmed their fellows in the
Navis Nobilite. However, it was quite a profitable enterprise, and was therefore tacitly
encouraged. Members of House Sigyn start with one of the following Language Talents: Eldar,
Ork, Tau, Kroot, Stryxis.

Madness of Beyond: Over time, the navigators of House Sigyn became adapted to traveling in
the places beyond the Emperor’s light. This slowly warped their Navigator gene, making them
more prone to the madness that afflicts all who stare into the warp for too long. Every time the
Navigator rolls for Insanity, add one to the total number of points gained.

Augury of Visions: Before going on a voyage, all Navigators use an augury to determine the warp
currents. The version used by House Sigyn requires a mixture of scented oils that are place in a
bowl, stirred and burned. The lights and smells induce vivid hallucinations, adding +10 to the
results of the Psyniscience test to determine the warp currents. However, this creates a degree
of oxygen deprivation from inhaling the fumes, and immediately induces 1d5 points of fatigue. If
the Navigator falls unconscious in this way, he suffers a -10 to all Willpower and Perception rolls for one day after regaining consciousness due to the pounding headache. Note that the penaltyfrom fatigue does not apply to the initial Psyniscience test.

House Sigyn

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