Blade of Vaul

Found on Shek’s Diamond.

The sword’s edge is made of a fine crystal while the stem of the blade matches that of the sword Barrow carries; the hilt shows an eldar warrior in a battle stance, yet despite the mishappen shape it looks like it would fit perfectly in a humanoid’s hands. Best-Craftmenship. One-handed.

1d10+3 E, Pen 10, 1kg, Balanced, Power Field, Unstoppable, Resplendent

UNSTOPPABLE: If the attacker scores three or more Degrees of Success on any Weapon Skill Test to attack with this weapon, he ignores any Fields or psychic protections shielding his target

RESPLENDENT: This item has a flair to it, completing tasks with an additional flourish. The owner of this item gains a +5 bonus to Charm Tests during combat.

Blade of Vaul

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