Master of Etherics Sanctity

Secondary pilot, also Master of Etherics by default


A dark-skinned woman, who looks to be around middle aged. Numerous scars cross her skin, faint, but picking her out as a survivor of the days the Sojourn was under xenos management. While on deck (or the times she’s keelhauled into piloting a shuttle) she wheres a blue flight marshal’s uniform, with relics and holy symbols taking the place of badges. She keeps her hair Guard-short.


“If you believe I can keep on, I will keep on. Ave Imperator.”

A survivor from the days of the Eldar occupation, she was the only officer qualified to pilot the ship before the appearance of Danielle, if not particularly well. Under the previous Captain she was a Senior Helmsman but has taken up the post of Master of Etherics, on the off-chance someone sentient is ever required to manage the Servitors.

A devout believer in the God-Emperor. Kel’Mara’s constant presence on the bridge is testing her.

Turned out to be a psyker-altered sleeper agent of Lord-Inquisitor Droze (or more accurately his staff). Her mind broke when it came out.

Master of Etherics Sanctity

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