Mandala Sigyn



Mandala Sigyn, of House Sigyn, is a woman clearly of high status… or at least, that’s how she presents herself. Wearing the robes of the Navis Nobilite, and adorned with the headscarf that marks her as one of the esteemed Navigators, Mandala takes her role with pride, strutting about whenever she was not needed to Navigate the warp. She is pale and bald- not a fashion choice, but one of the unfortunate mutations common to those blessed with the Warp Eye. Dull blue veins line her skin, which she tries to cover with makeup, but she is still quite pretty regardless. She carries about a large staff adorned with the sigil of her House, and looks upon everyone warmly, never even mentioning the terrible power that rests within the eye upon her head.
Mandala also wears upon her hip a terrible hellpistol of great quality- not openly, as she is ostensibly a diplomat for her house- but sometimes the best form of negotiation is with violence.


Navis Scion of a dying house, Mandala Sigyn made House Sigyn rise through the ashes with time-displaced mutants and the young migrants from Zayth. Having pissed off Madrimar a long time ago she has run into him again often, mostly to his chagrin.

Mandala Sigyn

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