Kaptin Daft'Id Klegg

Ork Kaptin trapped by Harbinger


‘There is a zap of lightning, and a giant hulk of green muscle drops down on a monitor, flipping up to its feet almost instantly. "What the ZOGGIN’…" The Ork’s captain’s uniform is torn, leaving only his hat with a crude skull and crossbones on top unscarred, eyepatch gone ‘zog’ knows where. The creature’s right arm has been replaced by crude machinery ending in a fascimile of a crab’s claw, cables sparking. ’


Attempted to hunt down the crew of the Harbinger’s Sojourn by killing people in the Amir system until they came along. This ingenious plan worked up to the point his own ships were blown up. Currently a prisoner.

Kaptin Daft'Id Klegg

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