Tau Water Caste and Intrepid Hero, Por'La Fal'Shia Kel'Mara Da'Tir


Kel’mara or simply “Kel” is a male Tau of the Water Caste, dressed in the usual diplomatic finery thta his position affords. Blue skinned, tri-digited hands peek out from beneath slightly too long sleeves, as tdo peeks of xenomsh armor, for “hostile negotiations”. His robes are predominatly red and earth tones, the colors of Fal’Shia, his home Sept. Carefully hidden underneath the folds of the robes are armaments, again for use in poor situations that ideally, a pristine Seneschal should not find himself needing, but all-too-often will.


Fal’shia- technologically inclined.

Sent from a council of ethereals from a border planet; has witnessed countless atrocities since then, some of them inflicted by the other crew. Appears to not require ethereal presence; Cryptek Amunet is after him.


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