Lord Kedan Brace

Psychotic Heir to the Brace Throne and Barrow's husband


A middle-aged man in a blue admiral’s jacket over flak body armour, red paint marking the sigil of House Brace on its chest plate. His brown beard surrounds a permanent grin; it is perfectly manicured and in complete opposition to the wild mane of dyed black hair on his head. The man walks with the surety of someone born to command, and the confidence of the incurably insane.


Brother and heir of Lord-Confessor Odan Brace. Married to Captain N Barrow. Was found a Necrontyr prisoner. Talks a lot about murdering his brother.

Ws Bs s T ag int Per WP Fel
31 53 44 35 47 36 30 39 46
Movement:4/8/12/24 Wounds:25
Profit Factor:38
Skills: Awareness (Per), Charm (Fel) +20, Barter (Fel) +10,
Command (Fel) +10, Commerce (Fel), Common Lore (Imperium,
Underworld, Merchant) (Int), Deceive (Fel), Dodge (Ag) +20,
Evaluate (Int) +10, Inquiry (Fel), Intimidate (Fel), Navigation
(Stellar, Surface) (Int) +10, Pilot (Flyers, Space Craft) (Ag) +20,
Tech-Use (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int).
Talents:Air of Authority, Ambidextrous, Basic Weapon
Training (Universal), Crack Shot, Deadeye Shot, Dual Shot,
Gunslinger, Heavy Weapon Training (Universal), Hip Shooting, Hotshot Pilot, Independent
Targeting, Jaded, Last Man Standing, Leap Up, Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Mighty Shot,
Nerves of Steel, Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Quick
Draw, Rapid Reaction, Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic).
Traits: Touched by the Fates 2.
Armour: Enforcer light carapace (body, arms, legs 5).
Weapons:2 best-craftsmanship hellpistols (35m; S/2/–;
1d10+6* E; pen 7; clip 40, reload 2 full)
Knife Melee/Thrown (5m 1d5R; Pen 2)
Bolter (90m; S/2/4; 1d10+5 X; pen 4; clip 24; reload Full;Tearing)
Gear:2 hip-pack power source, cloak, 1 gold Throne-gelt, human skull,
lho-sticks, micro-bead

Lord Kedan Brace

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