Jevican Draklinus XIV



“Apotheosis is at hand.”

The other is a younger man, of above-average height. He stands, waiting for something, arms behind his back in an ‘at ease’ position. he wears carapace armor and a cloak like the old mans; his in much better condition. The hood is up, covering most of his face with shadows, except for an eerie orange glow where an eye would be.


An Explorator attached to the crew to supervise them in their attempts to find The Jericho Gate. A quiet man, he formed an attachment to a heretical probe found outside Imperial space.

While he formed a bond with Danielle “Harbinger” Seamus, it turned out he was all along a heretek worshipping an alien machine god. So it goes. Last seen decapitated in the Processional of the Damned. Presumed very, very dead.

Jevican Draklinus XIV

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