A cat-like creature found on Shek's Diamond.


grynix Ws Bs s T ag int Per WP Fel
24 — 13 11 43 20 40 20 35
Movement:4/8/12/24 Wounds: 5
Skills:Awareness (Per), Concealment (Ag) +20, Silent Move
(Ag) +20.
Talents: None.
Traits: Dark-sight, Natural Weapons, Quadruped, Size
(Puny), Psychic Familiar, Mental Alacrity
Weapons: Claws (1d5+1 R; primitive).

MENTAL ALACRITY: Grynix have keen alien minds, something they pass on to their bonded companion. Characters bonded to grynix gains +10 to Intelligence Tests while in contact with the creature, (i.e., stroking it while reading a book). Furthermore, the creature’s quick reactions enhance its bond, and as long as the grynix is within telepathic range of its owner he gains a +4 to Initiative Rolls.


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