Inquisitor Dracul

Old Inquisitor


An old man, in carapace armour with ragged cloak wrapped around him. His head is bald, skull shining in light, though an unkempt grey beard rests on his chin. His voice is cultured, but routinely drops into an accent that can aptly be described as ‘Hive’, which worsens when he deigns to use Low Gothic. A psyker, though uses of his power have so far been rare.


An Inquisitor with odd friends and a belief in prophecies. Danielle is now his Throne Agent. Believes Barrow will somehow strike a great blow against the xenos Eldar.

Made Danielle “Harbinger” Seamus a full, if junior, Inquisitor after a trial almost got him and the explorers killed. Is planning something that’s probably insane, but he is after all an Inquisitor.

Jevican Draklinus XIV has hinted he met the Inquisitor after going rogue…

Inquisitor Dracul

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