Captain N Barrow

Your Lord-Captain.


N stands very diminutively. Slightly stunted from poor nutrition in her youth, she is also lean to the point of looking underfed. Her features are narrow and delicate, ladylike in every regard. Her complexion is fair, but marred by numerous scars. She looks deceptively young, although she is older than she looks.
Her head is shaved, although her hair is naturally a dark blonde. Instead she wears wigs, favoring a curly red wig, very much oversized, and unnaturally bright. Her face is powdered, bright white, creating an almost mask-like alabaster sheen. Her lips are madeup bright red, and surgically plumped, a degree too much. She wears dark eyeshadow, almost indigo, in a wide mask around her eyes, giving them a sunken look, especially when closed. Her eyelashes are extended, nails are lengthy and painted.
Her outfits favor green colors, with blood red and golden accents. Her formal wear is a green jacket, stitched with gold, over a lighter cream undershirt. N wears a green cape, stitched again with gold, emblazoned with her “family crest” with a very high collar. The collar extends well above her head, and tapers off into numerous small golden threads, starched to remain up instead of falling. She wears a blood red glove on her right hand. Her left hand is typically hidden behind her cape, which also hides her fencing sabre. Her belt is blood red as well, holding up cream pants. Her boots are blood red as well. Jewelry-wise, she favors gold with emeralds, with large hoop earrings and necklaces, but no rings or facial piercings. Scarring on her left hip identifies her as a slave, so she takes care to hide the scar.


“Oh dear, I’m enslaving her. Better get her some chocolate.”

Stole the warrant after leading a rebellion against the Sojourn’s dark Eldar mistresses. Technically responsible for all shenanigans since. Carrying a xenos weapon called ‘Blade of Vaul’.

Captain N Barrow

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