Cryptek Amunet

Self-proclaimed 'Mistress of Transmogrification'.


At first you can see nothing but an eye glowing an emerald green. But as your eyes adjust, as the single eye on the Hollow Man skeleton fades to be merely uncomfortably bright, you can see the rest of the necrontyr noble. Dressed (or modified- hard to tell with a machine) like a fabled Faro from ancient Terra, spike-like protrusions jutting from her skull like an ancient crown, everything about her screams nobility.

In her hands rests a long staff cut out of green stone, runes flickering in and out of existence along its shaft.


Apparent ruler of the Necrontyr in the Processional of the Damned. Swore vengeance against the explorers for detonating a warp storm into her battleship.

Cryptek Amunet

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